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Dennis Voy

Owner, Movie Connoisseur

Dennis has owned the 61 Drive In Theatre since 1972! Dennis bought the 61 Drive In Theatre over a cup of coffee with a friend.  The movie business has changed many times since Dennis got into the business, but he loves everything about it, especially how it is constantly changing!  You will often find him at the theatre viewing every movie we show!  Dennis also owns KMAQ Radio Station as well as the Voy 3 Theatre (Dennis has owned the Voy 3 Theatre since 1973), both in Maquoketa.   He lives in Maquoketa with Nancy and has three children, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren. 

Sara Clasen

General Manager

Sara is our owner Dennis Voy's granddaughter and could not be more excited and proud to be the second generation to continue with the movie business in Maquoketa! Sara lives in the Quad Cities and "vacations" in Maquoketa on the weekends as she likes to say.  When she is not working at the theatre, she also owns a small in home daycare, sells Thirty-One Gifts and spends a lot of time chauffeuring her three children to all their activities. Sara's favorite part of her job at the theatre is providing quality affordable family entertainment to families!

Tom Messerli

Projection Specialist

Tom has been with the theatre since nearly the beginning!  He has seen the theatre through so many transitions in technology and we couldn't do it without him!  Tom is also the Mayor of Maquoketa as well as Chief Engineer at KMAQ Radio in Maquoketa, Iowa.   Not only does Tom keep the theatre up and running to view the best movies, he keeps KMAQ on the air daily!  Tom lives in Maquoketa, with his partner, Sheri and dotes over his two grandboys who keep him very busy!

Torrie, Landon, Cora

Vice Presidents

Torrie, Landon, & Cora are stuck at the 61 Drive In and Voy Theatre every weekend with their mom, Sara, our theatre manager.  While they are at the theatre, they do absolutely nothing except ride the train, watch movies and quality test all concession items, you will more than likely see them while you are at the drive in!

Mike, Jennifer and 

Isabella Jones

Concessions and Groundskeeping

Mike, Jennifer and Isabella live in Maquoketa.  Mike owns MJ's Lawn Care, Jennifer works at the Jackson County Courthouse, and Isabella is in 6th grade at Sacred Heart.  They fill a variety of roles here at the 61 Drive In Theatre and Voy Theatre.  Their favorite part of working at the 61 Drive In Theatre is the fun atmosphere, meeting new people, great staff and of course, the popcorn!

Hadley Frett


Hadley is a sophomore at Maquoketa High School . She plays softball and volleyball. She wanted to work at 61 Drive In Theatre because when she was little her family always went to the movies. She loves going to the movies so she knew this was the job for her!  

Briley Miller


Briley is a junior at Maquoketa High School.  She plays volleyball and tennis. She is also a member of student senate and Club Hope. She loves working at the 61 Drive In Theatre because of the friendly work environment and the flexible hours.

Jarett Dostal


Jarett is a freshman in high school. He plays baseball and football. He has two sisters and one brother.   He likes working at the 61 Drive In Theatre because his boss is amazing.

Ava Petersen


Ava is a freshman at Maquoketa High School.  She has a younger brother.  She plays volleyball and enjoys playing with her dog.  She wanted to work at the 61 Drive In because she has been coming to the drive in all her life!

Kassidy Rath


Kassidy is a freshman at Maquoketa High School.  She has a brother and a sister.  She plays softball and volleyball and in her free time you like to watch tv.  She wanted to work at the 61 Drive In Theatre because she gets more socialization and it keeps her out of the house.

Stephanie Kaftan


Stephanie works in the ticket booth at the drive in.  During the week, she is a social studies teacher at Midland Middle/High School.  She even teaches a class called U.S. History Through Film.  In her free time, she enjoys baking, four wheeling and she operates a small craft business.   She enjoys working at the drive in so she can chat with the owners and the popcorn!

Jim Westhoff

Train Conductor

Jim is a 1985 graduate of Maquoketa High School and recently moved home from the east coast, after a career in teaching, newspaper reporting and government relations.  Jim enjoys woodworking and is excited to be a part of the 61 Drive In, where he has so many fond memories.  Oh, and of course the popcorn!


Train Conductor

Khamil Jebsen lives in Delmar, Iowa.   She enjoys volleyball and piano.  Khamil loves working at the 61 Drive In because it is great to see the children having fun and the work environment is awesome!

Cameron Risden

Train Conductor