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Voy 61 Drive In Theatre Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking forward to your first time at the Voy 61 Drive In Theatre this summer?!  We sure are! 

Let us help make your first trip stress free by answering these frequently asked questions! 

?? How much is it?? Every night we are open, you get to enjoy TWO movies for the price of one!!  How can you beat that?!  Adults (13 and up) are $9 Each, Children are $5 Each, 3 and under FREE!

?? How do we hear the movie?? Our movie sound is carried over any car radio or portable radio!  Just tune into 88.5FM and it'll be crystal clear!  Make sure to bring a portable radio if you'd like to sit outside your car!  We do have portable radios available for rental in the concession stand, and speakers on our building as well! 

?? What time should we get there to "get a good spot"? This one is tricky for us to answer!  We feel like there aren't any "bad" spots, but everyone has a preference as to where they'd like to sit!  Our box office opens at 6:30PM and tickets are first come, first serve.  We do generally get a line of cars waiting for us to open on the weekend nights, so our advice is always come early if you want your prime spot!

?? What do you have in your concession stand? ? Alllll the goodies!! ?? check out concession menu here - https://www.61-driveintheatre.com/concessions.htm 

?? What do people do while they're waiting for the movie to start? ? HAVE FUN!!  This is some of the best times at the drive in!   We have a swing set, basketball court, whiffle ball diamond, sandbox, tetherball poles, volleyball net...and A TRAIN!   All of these activities are completely free!  Feel free to bring any activities with you as well, we LOTS of room to play!  KanJam anyone!? ??

?? Can we bring our pets or grills?? Unfortunately not....while we do love a nice grilled burger and fluffy puppy as you all do, they just aren't conducive to our drive in environment ??

?? What should we bring with us??  Any pre-movie activities you'd like!  We also allow you to bring in any snacks & beverages as well! (I know, awesome, right!?  Can't do that everywhere!)  Make sure to pack blankets and lawn chairs if you'd like to sit outside!

Can't wait to see everyone this summer!!